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Building for Equity and Sustainability

About Us

This website is for the Georgia Tech Vertically Integrated Project: Building for Equity and Sustainability fundraising efforts. The VIP is focused on Georgia Tech’s Living Building – the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design – and its efforts to advance social equity as a key part of the sustainable built environment. This VIP also explores equity and resilience in sustainability projects on Georgia Tech’s campus and in surrounding partner communities in Atlanta. Our VIP is affiliated with Serve-Learn-Sustain and works alongside them to collaborate with community and industry partners. Currently, the Community Engagement subteam is working with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance to work towards connecting Georgia Tech with the broader Atlanta community through an outdoor classroom located at WAWA's Outdoor Activity Center.

The Outdoor Classroom

Currently, our design sub-team is working to create an outdoor classroom with WAWA that draws influence from Afrofuturism. The classroom aims to serve as an outdoor education space that can serve those visiting WAWA. The classroom relies on materials from the Lifecycle Building Center, a reuse center with the goal of starting a circular economy in the city of Atlanta. Our VIP is overseeing the entire process of building the outdoor classroom: ideation, design, and construction. We plan to start construction in Fall 2024, but we need your help! Please visit our Donate page and our Volunteer page to see how you can help!

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